What people say...

Linney Gray,


Vince has been gently guiding me through a process of life evaluation, made all the more potent by lockdown. His experienced yet non-judgemental manner has encouraged me to think bigger, bolder and occasionally bonkerser about the future, whilst never overlooking the small everyday stuff on which all future plans are grounded. We have discussed everything from ten year plans to my reluctance to get out of bed in the morning, always with humour and humanity - by which I mean a shared sense of our human struggles and weaknesses. He has been instrumental in helping me find my way forward in these strange times.

Liz Geller,


Vince has a powerful way of taking an objective approach to problem-solving... an innovative and dynamic approach to professional coaching. ... he has a wealth of experience to draw on to utilise in the infinite scenarios school life presents to a leader. He instils a sense of integrity in all those he works with which runs through all his coaching. 

Mark Davis,

Senior Manager

Vince is a genuine source of inspiration, support and non judgemental advice on effective decision making,  managing change, communication skills, resilience, perseverance, emotional wellbeing,  leadership, goal setting and achievment.  


Thank you so much Vince

Clare Tyler-Sell,

Deputy Headteacher

Vince's listening ear and encouragement has helped me to realise how I can adapt my talents to excel in the the role that I have been striving for (Deputy Headship)... helped me to discover, recognise and work on areas of weakness through enthusiastic motivation and citing his own life  experiences...

He truly believed in me.

Howard Gwatkin, Retired Engineer,


Vince helped me realise I had a passion for something that I didn't know I had!  He inspired me to practise at it.  It's practise I enjoy - and the more I do it, the better I'm getting at it and the more I'm enjoying it!


We had a lot of fun along the way!