This is my 4th career...
my goal is 6 successful careers!

My race is not yet done. I seek another challenge. I seek to work with others, to create a vision bigger than our limitations and beliefs. I seek to journey with people through the excitement and struggle of challenges to make something truly great. I seek to support you in being ALWAYS SUCCESSFULLY YOU.

My journey for eleven years as a primary school headteacher is complete. I started this career with the clear goal of being totally myself; warts, idiosyncrasies and mad passions. I ploughed in with all my child centred ideals and the view of “I’ll go as far as I can get being 100% me before being kicked out!”.  The school is now consistently in the top 10% (this year top 1%) of schools nationally for progress in reading and maths. It is incredibly sporty, healthy, compassionate and supports children immensely with their emotional and academic journey.

Simply, I’m creative, passionate and caring. I have a deep sense of something greater than myself and the ability to support people finding their own successful way in life. This combined with a single mindedness to walk the journey and deal with whatever arises has created a successful match in making things happen.

I was (and still am) a child dreamer, who dreamt of “saving the world” through amazing innovative creations. I grew up in an environment which was risk adverse and chose sensible life decisions to provide a comfortable life. A pretty good starting place but not great for taking risks. Life is risky, challenging and constantly changing and the way we deal with these invites us to change whether we like it or not - I now see this as a 'call for growth'. Changing ways of behaving, choosing to be more successful today than yesterday, is both exciting and difficult.

I’m not stereotypical at all. As a dyslexic, I feel different, I think differently and ironically I make a difference wherever I go.


I am enjoying integrating my life experiences, my training in emotional education (including the very popular school mental health THRIVE practitioner training) and my business and education knowledge. I am Graduate of Robbins-Madanes Training.  

Reflecting on what has been the most significant contribution in my growth, I have discovered it’s only through relationship do we truly know ourselves and what we are truly capable of. The challenge is finding the right relationship at the right time to support you.

I am totally committed in making a difference for my clients. I won’t let your fears stop you. I won’t entertain your doubts. I won’t indulge in your stories. I won’t fall for your justifications nor shy away from your feelings. I will say what I see and I will say what you are unwilling to see. I will do all this with integrity, authenticity and vulnerability.

Can I help in you enjoy your journey of success?  Great, hit the Yes

It would be great to meet you.

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Nailsworth primary school

2009 to APRIL 2020

Grew a failing school to be in the top 10% of schools for the last three years.  The success was centred on empowering children to choose to be better today than yesterday by taking massive action, daily practise of key skills, keeping fit and eating well (refined sugar free lunches) plus developing their emotional resilience.

Teaching career

Schools leading to headship

2001 to 2009

Trained through the on the job Graduate Training programme, middle manager after first qualified year and assistant headteacher after three years. Worked in Coventry inner city schools, won numerous grants and awards for work around World War 2. Initiated conflict resolution partnership and programme with Coventry Cathedral International Reconciliation team, which was adopted by the local Police’s Hate Crime initiative.

Business manager, Course facilitator, AtlowMill Centre for Emotional Education

1996 to 2001

Started charity to run a residential centre and community centred around emotional education and personal development. Created both adult and child programmes; the later being successfully run in Derby City schools.

Courses ranged from dealing with anger, inner child affects, effective relationships, conflict resolution and developing your true potential.

Business Consultancy

Price Waterhouse Management Consultancy, Space Computer Systems, IBM (UK) Limited

1987 to 1998

Experience included banking, insurance, customer service and retention, retail, distribution, finance and share fraud.

Companies worked with:

SEB Bank, Sweden;

Post Bank, Holland;

Lloyd’s Bank,

Independent Insurance,

British Airways, Airtours, BHS, BAA, Severn Trent Water,

Habitat, Rumblelows, Lloyds Bank Estate Agency, Guinness