Hello and welcome, does this sound like you or you wish to become?

You are creative

You are passionate

You take action 

You are or have been successful

However there is a desire, a yearning to achieve more...

Well done for getting here. It is awesome that you are searching for more, searching to be more successful than you know right now. 

The biggest challenges you face are the people around you, your environment and your own self view, all of which can not see the new possibilities in you or the possibility for more.

I am an expert at challenging and taking people, both children and adults, further than they believe possible.

Many people come up against brick walls, things that are preventing them from growing.

Despite your successes, doing more of what you are doing right now is most probably keeping you stuck. The reason for this is you have reached a point where the qualities that have gotten you this far have become the limiting factors that are keeping you stuck. Crazy as it seems, you may have noticed the more you try, the more stuck you are becoming and the harder it feels to break through.

Feeling like... "This is me!" Then I would love to explore more with you. I would love to help you. I would love to offer you a free immersive coaching session.

Interested in working together?  Great, hit the Yes

It would be great to meet you.


Throughout my life and careers I have noticed some key characteristics that make people successful. Check out if any of these relate to you and how they are keeping you stuck right now:

You love creating; creating new ideas, exciting visions and amazing dreams

Your creations have become too disjointed and too many, and overwhelm has kicked in. Overwhelm has started to paralyse your creative process, to prevent clarity of thought, to distort your ability to prioritise.

You enjoy learning and feeding your mind

Your thirst to know more is drying up. Things don’t seem new anymore and you are repeating the same things over again. Your mind has started to become more prone to distractions.

You have a deep sense to contribute and give to others

The fulfilment in life has changed to a feeling of duty. You are becoming resentful. The feelings have changed from we are in it together to it’s all about you, to what about me?

You take lots of action to achieve your goals

You are so non stop in your thoughts and actions that you have lost the ability to harness and focus on them. Thoughts continue to cycle and doubts start to kick in. Thoughts and actions that once vitalised you have become a chore;  a should do.

You love problem-solving and are great at seeing answers through all the complexities

You find yourself drawn further and further into the minutiae of problems along the journey. You take your eye off the long term goals. Your ability to delegate, your ability to enrol others to step up, your ability to see clearly what is important; all begins to diminish.

You strive for excellence, you constantly strive to improve outcomes for everyone

You are needing to be better and more successful than the last project or job. You find it hard to slow down and take time to reflect. You find yourself falling into the same traps in your life. You feel drained and the thought of starting something new is overwhelming.

You excel at being a role-model and use role models to help you 

The more successful you become the more people want from you and the less people feel they can give to you. Life becomes more lonely and there are fewer and fewer people willing to tell you want you need to hear most; honest communication. You miss the frank tough love of someone who has your back and deny that you really need help.


Reflecting on what has been the most significant contribution in my growth, I have discovered it’s only through relationship do we truly know ourselves and what we are truly capable of. The challenge is finding the right relationship at the right time to support you.

I am totally committed in making a difference for my clients. I won’t let your fears stop you. I won’t entertain your doubts. I won’t indulge in your stories. I won’t fall for your justifications nor shy away from your feelings. I will say what I see and I will say what you are unwilling to see. I will do all this with integrity, authenticity and vulnerability.

Interested in working together?  Great, hit the Yes

It would be great to meet you.