Hello and welcome, does this sound like you or you wish to become?

You are creative

You are passionate

You take action 

You are successful

However there is stuff that just gets in the way...

Well done for getting here. It is great that you are searching for more, recognising that things could be better. 

The biggest challenges you face are the people around you, your environment and your own self view, all of which are struggling to see how to change your current patterns of stuckness.

I am an expert at challenging and taking people, both children and adults, out of their stuckness and starting a journey towards more hope, fulfilment and dreams.


Currently, I am involved in working with Wickselm House Learning Centre for young people who find mainstream school doesn’t adapt to their needs. Plus I work with Art of Chess, a chess coaching school, providing emotional coaching for chess players dealing with doubt, failure and loosing.

Many people come up against brick walls, things that are preventing them from growing.


Despite your abilities and talents, doing more of what you are doing right now is most probably keeping you stuck. The reason for this is you have reached a point where the qualities that have gotten you this far have become the limiting factors that are keeping you stuck. Crazy as it seems, you may have noticed the more you try, the more stuck you are becoming and the harder it feels to break through.

Feeling like This is me!  then I would love to explore more with you and free up your thinking and actions to create something better.

Interested in chatting how you are stuck?  Great, hit the Yes

It would be great to meet you.


Please contact me for a free chat into explore what you could create with support.


07983 458727

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